Who We Are

At R.A.M.S. Mechanical, Inc., we are dedicated to making the society a better place. We give buildings the air quality and temperature to make them comfortable and usable. In every department at R.A.M.S, you will find talented colleagues, use of the latest technology, and competitive wage. At every level of the company, we care about employee satisfaction, employee development, and best practices. At R.A.M.S., we have opportunities for you whether you are beginning your career or midway through. We want you to be in a department you enjoy working in, that is why we have so many for you to choose from: project management, business development, marketing, accounting, legal, drafting, fabrication, installation, controls—the possibilities are endless.

Who We Hire

R.A.M.S. Mechanical Inc. values its people above all. We empower our employees with respect, trust, and openness, a culture that permeates the organization. We are always looking for talented, cooperative, and motivated individuals to join our team. You will never be on your own, because there are many of us here just like you. We invite you to meet some of our people below.

How You'll Grow

R.A.M.S. Mechanical Inc. gives our employees priority access open positions and advance within the organization based on their skills and qualifications. Notices of all regular, full-time job openings are posted on R.A.M.S.’s website, the employee bulletin board, and/or the email system.
R.A.M.S. Mechanical Inc. recognizes the benefit of developmental experiences and encourages employees to talk with their supervisors about their career plans and development opportunities they wish to undertake.


We believe diversity in our workplace brings fresh ideas, perspectives, and knowledge. Our commitment to diversity does not only entail the inclusion of women and members of ethnic minority, but also employees of different education and cultural backgrounds, work experiences, and career stages.
R.A.M.S. Mechanical does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.    

Students and Graduates

We value the energy, new ideas, and willingness to learn our student interns and recent graduates bring to our workplace. Our junior staffs have worked in a variety of departments under experienced and nurturing managers. We welcome you to apply to junior positions should they be available, or contact us for potential opportunities.

Latest Job Opportunities